ABOUT - We thrive on creative energy.  We dig on big adventures.  We get down with cool cats, and create the films that tell the stories that spread the message...your message.  We are, Aumen Brothers, and we're a boutique video production company on a mission to create, capture, and produce breathtaking imagery for advertising, narrative, and informative stories.

Eric is an illumination and imagery wizard.  When he is not taking long strolls on set, he is forming strategic alliances with new clients, vendors, and other contractors.  He enjoys his roles as DP and Producer in the creative process, and paired with the right clients, he could be the filmmaker of your dreams.
Chris enjoys early morning sunrises while he directs cast and crew to craft cinematic excellence. In the late hours of the night he can be found finessing the edit from the cutting room floor. From the look of the colour to the feel of the music, everything is en route to enchantment when he steps aboard.




1 Oct 2015

The Way of the Road

When we got the green light to create a road trip film for Stout Tent company, we were stoked!  They create great quality bell tents that are easy to setup and super versatile.  The model we used for our film can sleep up to 16 people.  Their clients range from festival goers to glampers and everything in between. Stout Tent was a great client because they knew the importance of creating good content that featured their product (vs the

Aumen Brothers: Weathermen

We all know mother nature can be sporadic. And there’s nothing worse than setting up a timely production schedule in advance, only to find the one thing standing in your way is a plain looking, grey overcast sky. Many times that may be the look you’re going for, but when showcasing the landscape of a golf course, nothing can take the richness of a frame to a new level like an atmospheric makeover. Advanced sky

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